Oil Cooling

Bearings can have a tendency to overheat. The heat can damage the machines, products, or process that is occurring. The faster the process, machine, or product moves the higher the heat rises

Oil cooling is used to remove heat from a hot object. The “hot” oil is passed through a cooling unit like a gas decompressor or a radiator, via pipes, and dropped into an oil container. The “cool” oil is recycled and the process continues.  The cooling of hot objects can be used in any type of industry. In the manufacturing and industrial manufacturing, oil cooling can be used in plastic mold injection, extrusion machinery, and lube coolers.

Many advantages are associated with cooling oil in a chiller. Oil has a higher boiling point so it can be used to cool extremely hot temperatures. Oil is also an electrical insulator and can be used with electrical components. Oil is already used as a lubricant so no extra coolant tanks are needed for small operations. The bigger the operation the bigger cooling tank you will need.  Water can be corrosive, while oil can help prevent corrosion.