Information Bearings and Industries


Industrial bearings come in a variety of shapes, numbers, uses, different materials, and involve many different applications. Bearings, are mechanical devices that facilitate movements. Movements can be linear or rotational. They reduce friction with the help of cooling agents and lubrications. They are spherical in nature and placed in a circular device, but this is not always the case. Bearings can be mounted with a housing unit, or be tiny and used for precision.  Because they reduce the friction in a process they generate amounts of heat. Whaley Products can help. We can create the perfect type of system to cool any type of bearings for any industry.

Industrial bearings are used in many different industries. They are engineered, made with precision in mind, enable machines to move at high speeds and carry immense loads quickly, easily, and efficiently. They must be reliable, and durable due to vibrations and produce minimal noise.  The most common types of bearings used in industrial applications are tapered, roller bearings, spherical roller bearings, and cylindrical/needle roller bearings.  Magnetic bearings are used in high speed devices while giant roller bearings are used to move heavy loads, like buildings and structural parts.

Bearings invented in 1791 by Phillip Vaughn, have adapted and have been approved upon to become flexible for different industries. Common places bearings have been found are machine tools used for production processes like cutting, grinding, and lathing, in automotive industry to move vehicles, printing process, and paper making.  Bearings can be found in pumps, compressors, injection molding machines, and mining.



SA Series
Packaged Chillers
(integrated pump tank)
1.5Ton – 20Ton
Single / Dual Circuits
Single / Dual Pumps
SAE Series
Modular Chillers
(pump & tank on
separate skid)
1.5Ton – 200Ton
Single / Dual Circuits
SAR Series
Split Chillers
(Outdoor Condensing Unit)
(pump, tank, evaporator on
indoor skid)
1.5Ton – 200Ton
Single / Dual Circuits