Advantages of Using Ball Bearings

ball-bearings-06Bearings are used in a variety of applications. There are many types of distributors who produce/ship and patent technology involving bearings.  They can be found in high speed drills, bicycle wheel hubs, dental drills, and even in space. There are many advantages to using ball bearings in machines. They can be used for heavy loads, and allow for efficient movement.

Bearings save power, lubrication, and labor. With the rolling motion, bearings reduce the friction over a surface. This allows for sliding to occur instead of a pushing or a pulling motion. This process exerts less energy, and saves power.  As the name bearing indicates, they endure and help support, machines, or material involved in an industry. Bearings are quiet in operation and do not create a large amount of air pollution. Bearings reduce the cost of oil consumption. Some machines, need to be constantly lubricated to maintain efficiency. Some bearings don’t require this need.  With the use of oil, cleanliness can be compromised. Leaks can also occur. By using bearings this is not the case.

Because some bearings don’t require oil, this also reduced the fire risk involved. Machines can run cool and clean without being overheated. Bearings can also help a machine to be more reliable. The constant friction less motion, allows for uniform reliability in machines. Production can also be increase as well. With constant motion, production can continue without problem.  Machine life is also increased when bearings are involved. This is due to eliminating extra stress on the machine. Bearings of all types have numerous advantages regardless of the industry they are used in.